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This is a basic Specification of the things that a real Linux distribution really needs to get right:

  1. install once vs OS versions
  2. optional GUI / Plymouth problem
  3. package management problems & dependency hell
  4. infrastructure thinking - sooner or later people have more than one machine and they have to play nice with each other
  5. distributed bandwidth - having everyone downloading from the primary site doesn't always make sense
  6. local vs networked downloads - Cygwin can separately download packages to a shared drive and install from that drive, so why can't Linux distros
  7. non-systematic mistakes - if you make a change with consequences, let them ripple through
  8. root vs user install
  9. free vs non-free
  10. laptops vs desktops
  11. non-us core
  12. no mandatory lvm
  13. update vs generate
  14. support services
  15. proper security model
  16. add security, update tools
  17. affiliate program?
  18. user friendly / just works
  19. backup vs Versioning - any file which changes infrequently should be backed up, everything else should be versioned